The creation of the Turnau Vineyard
is an undertaking of return to family traditions.
We are joined in our friendship, passion and the culture of wine,
for which we share a deep love.

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It all began with Jerzy Turnau, who was a landowner and creator of agricultural education programs in the city of Lviv. History rendered the direct continuation of his work impossible, however one of his great-grandsons – Zbigniew Turnau – has run a sizable homestead for many years now, engaging in the cultivation of grains and rapeseed, and is assisted in this by his son Jacek. Its beneficial location, as well as a climate favorable to fruits, inevitably gave rise to the question: … perhaps wine?

This question was all the more logical, in view of the fact that one of the people with whom Zbigniew has worked for a number of years is orchardist Tomasz Kasicki, who – as of 2013 - is also an enologist.


Another one of Jerzy Turnau's numerous descendants is Grzegorz, who happened to inherit his great-grandfather's trait of artistic inclinations. The distant (geographically, as well as professionally) cousins were brought together many years ago by friendship, as well as a shared dream of returning to family traditions. One day, Zbigniew, Grzegorz, Tomasz and Jacek resolved to pool their energies in a combined effort, and thus the Turnau Vineyard came into being. Propagation, ongoing since 2009, and the renovation of a 19th-century farm building, made possible the creation of a modern vineyard with its own processing facilities. The fact that this is taking place in Poland – a country which isn't necessarily associated with wine – induced the owners to seek support among more experienced vintners, and the invitation to cooperate with the Turnau Vineyard was accepted by Frank Faust - a renowned winemaker based in the Rhineland. The vineyard is comprised of two parcels of land, totaling 17 hectares and planted mainly with strains of Solaris and Johanniter, along with Rondo and Regent. A well-equipped production facility, with its own laboratory, allow for meticulous oversight of every one of the wine's attributes, in every phase of its production. A wine-tasting salon is also being created in the processing building.


Riesling 2015


Solaris 2015


Seyval Blanc 2015


Hibernal 2015

A lucid wine with a light yellow hue and intense lustre.

The initial nose offers an intriguing scent, while the second discovers aromas of a floral fruity variety, along the lines of lemon, blackcurrant leaves, flowers and herbs. The scent lingering in an empty glass at the finish reveals the persistence of the bouquet. 

Sweetness dominates on the tongue, while harmonising with a pleasantly detectable tartness and adroitly embodied alcohol content. It gives a full and satiated feeling, allowing one to simply touch the wine and feel its presence. On the palate, the bouquet is strong and consistent, relative to the aromas, with a gentle after-taste of sweet dessert grapes.

Hibernal from the Turnau Vineyard is a semi-sweet, white wine with an enduring, delicate after-taste, ready for drinking or storage in an appropriate place for up to 3 years. Light, consistent on the nose and palate, and positively surprising with its wealth of aromas. It will charm those just setting out on the path towards becoming familiar with Polish wine, and amaze the more advanced.


Johanniter 2015

Lustrous, clear wine with a light straw colour.

Initially intense and fruity to the nose, upon turning the glass it offers a floral bouquet with green fruits, like apple or gooseberries. In the background, a gentle nectarine sweetness emerges on the palate. The after-taste is long and pleasant. A mild and agreeable wine, with enduring aromas, ready for long-term storage, as well as for immediate consumption.

Of the semi-sweet wines offered by the Turnau Vineyard, Johanniter is the highest in residual sugar content. Satisfying to experience, its sweetness can be casually savoured.


Rose 2014

Wine of a deep, elegant rose colour, with a glint.

The first nose entices positively, progressing smoothly to vivid scents of citrus, redcurrant, raspberries and pomegranates. On the palate, refreshment cloaked in a crisp acidity, balanced with a subtle level of residual sugar.

A unique balance of Polish fruits' briskness with the exotic warmth of citrus. 

Rosé from the Turnau Vineyard is an exceptional semi-dry wine, ideally satiating, with an amazing wealth of aromas.

Rose 2015

Rondo/Regent 2014

Wine of a purple hue with violet reflections, with depth and sheen.

The initial nose brings a delicate scent of the barrel, with raspberries. Shortly afterwards, a hint of bitter chocolate and paprika becomes apparent. On the palate it is consistent with its bouquet, decisive, full and harmonious. It leaves a long, velvety after-taste, and combines in itself the stateliness of a sombre red wine, with a light, fruity youthfulness.

Rondo/Regent from the Turnau Vineyard is an exactingly developed Polish red wine, apt to provide surprises at every stage of acquainting oneself with it.


Cabernet 2015


Pinot Noir 2015


Cabernet 2014


Solaris 2014

Clear, glistening wine with a light straw colour.

The first impression of scent brings a pleasant fruity aroma, which develops in a direction of fresh bananas and pears. Distinctive and piquant on the palate, of an intense acidity and strength, with mild residual sugar.

Solaris from the Turnau Vineyard is a full semi-dry wine, with character and a memorably assertive quality. Ready for drinking, solidly composed and distinctiv.




The 2014 vintage has been bottled!

Several days ago at our vineyard, bottling of the 2014 harvest – which took place with the scrupulous oversight of our highly experienced friends from the Rhine district Faust Vineyard – was completed.


The 2014 vintage has been bottled!

Several days ago at our vineyard, bottling of the 2014 harvest – which took place with the scrupulous oversight of our highly experienced friends from the Rhine district Faust Vineyard – was completed. The operation was a total success. The wines are now patiently awaiting their labels, which are currently in production, to then be able to make it into your hands without further ado. In the coming days, we will present you with the Turnau Vineyard's complete offer of wines, which will become available for purchase at the beginning of this May. In the meantime, we invite you to take a look at our photo gallery, which we've supplemented with images documenting what took place at the Turnau Vineyard through the Fall and Winter – and, of course, the most recent events.



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