About The Vineyard

It all began with Jerzy Turnau, who was a landowner and creator of agricultural education programs in the city of Lviv. History rendered the direct continuation of his work impossible, however one of his great-grandsons – Zbigniew Turnau – has run a sizable homestead for many years now, engaging in the cultivation of grains and rapeseed, and is assisted in this by his son Jacek. Its beneficial location, as well as a climate favorable to fruits, inevitably gave rise to the question: … perhaps wine?

This question was all the more logical, in view of the fact that one of the people with whom Zbigniew has worked for a number of years is orchardist Tomasz Kasicki, who – as of 2013 - is also an enologist.

Another one of Jerzy Turnau's numerous descendants is Grzegorz, who happened to inherit his great-grandfather's trait of artistic inclinations. The distant (geographically, as well as professionally) cousins were brought together many years ago by friendship, as well as a shared dream of returning to family traditions. One day, Zbigniew, Grzegorz, Tomasz and Jacek resolved to pool their energies in a combined effort, and thus the Turnau Vineyard came into being. Propagation, ongoing since 2010, and the renovation of a 19th-century farm building, made possible the creation of a modern vineyard with its own processing facilities. The fact that this is taking place in Poland – a country which isn't necessarily associated with wine – induced the owners to seek support among more experienced vintners, and the invitation to cooperate with the Turnau Vineyard was accepted by Frank Faust - a renowned winemaker based in the Rhineland. 

The Turnau Vineyard is comprised of two parcels of land, totaling 28 hectares. They are planted mainly with strains of Solaris and Johanniter, but include Riesling, Hibernal, Seyval Blanc, Rondo, Regent and Cabernet as well. We also create ice wine with fruit frozen in winter, and in the near future Polish sparkling wine will become a part of our offer. A well-equipped processing facility, as well as our own laboratory, allow us to precisely monitor every parameter of our wine, at every stage of its production. The antique building of the winery also houses our offices, a wine-tasting/concert hall, and a shop with our wines.

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Winnica Turnau

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Winnica Turnau w Baniewicach jest czynna od poniedziałku do soboty w godzinach 11:00 – 17:00

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