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Awards at ProWein 2019!
Ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to announce that at the ProWein 2019 fair, our winery has been awarded again. Seyval Blanc 2017, Rose 2017 and Solaris 2018 recived medals.
This is the second distinction for our wines granted recently. In INTERVITIS fair in Stuttgart we received medals for PIWI International competition, where the following wines were distinguished.
Ice Wine 2017 - 99/100 points - TOP GOLD medal
Noble Collection 2017 - 97/100 - TOP GOLD medal
Ambre 2016 - 97/100 points - TOP GOLD medal
Hibernal 2017 - 96/100 points - TOP GOLD medal
Johanniter 2017 - 94/100 points - GOLD medal
Seyval Blanc 2017 - 93/100 - GOLD medal

Awards at the ProWein 2019 fair were collected by Zbigniew and Jacek Turnau.
Awards in INTERVITIS were collected by our enologist Frank Faust.

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