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Frank Faust - our oenologist and dear friend
Frank Faust - producer of fantastic wines, owner of a vineyard in Rheingau, and for us, role model and a dear friend. He has been with us for 6 years and each of our wines shows his knowledge, experience and talent. He is 42 years old and comes from a wine family with over a hundred years of tradition. Frank is huge organic vinyard supporter and he showed us that direction we have taken in our vineyard.
He visits Baniewice at least twice a month, traveling 800 km each time. He drives tens of thousands of kilometers a year to supervise all of aur work on the vineyard. This week, he was supervising bottling of the riesling. He often says that, he found not only a new wine challenge, but also a second home here.

We are proud to have such an outstanding winemaker and a wonderful friend in our team!


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