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Dear Friends,   Remuage is one of the most amazing stages of creating sparkling wines using the traditional method. Every day, for many weeks, we rotate our Classique Brut bottles slightly so that the sediment accumulates in the neck and ca...
Wine on the wave!
Dear Friends,   There are wines from our selection that you enjoy the most but some of them exceeded our expectations. Our Chardonnay, have been chosen on our shopping platform almost twice as often as in the previous year. In the ranking o...
Classique Brut with Ice Wine dosage!
Dear Friends,   The last stage of making traditional method sparkling wine is dosage. Dosage slightly increase the level of sweetness. Winemakers usually add some sweet wine but using ice wine for this is rarity on a global scale. We decided to...
Our wines appreciated in Vienna!
Dear Friends,   Another edition of AWC Vienna, the largest wine competition in the world, and even more medals for our wines. Rose 2021, Classique Brut and Szlachetny Zbiór 2021 recived gold with 92 points! The pride is even bigger because ove...
Let’s grab bottle of Cabernet!
Dear Friends, Let's grab a bottle of Cabernet 2020! Our new vintage of Cabernet is ready to go. It consists of three varieties of the cabernet family: dorsa, cantor and cortis. It matured in a barrel for 18 months to proudly present the a...
Our iconic R&R duo is back!
Dear Friends,   Our iconic R&R duo is back! Rondo/Regent 2020 - our first red wine of 2020 vintage is finnaly ready to go.   Wine was aged 14 months in oak barrels. You can find  notes of ripe cherry, smoked plum, and some bar...
It was good harvest…
Dear Friends,   It was a successful harvest! Vineyard have to rest now. We say „see you soon” with the view of a foggy morning. Thanks to the whole team for a great job over the last two months. Soon we will traditionally celeb...
Harvest 2022 have begun!
Dear Friends,   The 2022 harvest has started! We traditionally start with Solaris, which started fermentation in vats right after harvesting. We wait for other varieties - their parameters are getting the optimal level to be harvested. Keep f...
Organic cultivation - why is it so important?
Dear Friends,   Organic cultivation requires special attention and additional time and efford in the vineyard.   Why is it so important? - Because it affects the quality of the grapes. It is a fact known by the best wine producers in the w...
Seyval's new vintage is finnaly bottled!
Dear friends,   Seyval's new vintage is finnaly bottled! Seyval is full of orange and lime aromas, crisp acidity and the aftertaste of green apple. You can get it soon! Meanwhile, enjoy the solid dose of refreshment of the 2020 vinta...


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