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Aktualności i wydarzenia

The second harvest for ice wine in the history of our vineyard has been completed!

This time, we kept 0.75 ha of johanniter grapes for ice wine (3 times more than previous year). This year we had to wait much longer for the first major frosts.

On the morning of February 7, our enologist, Frank Faust, decided that the grapes were frozen enough and at 4 in the morning harvest began.

Harvest took three nights in a row. What is important - during the day when the fruits where pressed the temperature must also be below zero, so that the grapes in the press do not become thawed. Because grapes are frozen, only a little part of juice can be pressed (many times less than during the autumn harvest), but it is very sweet, essential and aromatic.

The biggest challenge was second and third night of harvesting because the temperature dropped to -12.5 degrees C. Grapes were so frozen that we had to press them for over 23 hours!

The result of our night harvesting is over 4900 kg of grapes, from which we received 1050 liters of must. There will be approximately 2,500 bottles of 0.375 liters of sweet ice wine. On the label of our ice wine you will see 2017 vintage, the year in which the grapes ripened.

Photos by Kasia Kasicka.


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