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Auslese 2019
white, sweet
The process of making wine from grapes which have been touched by noble mold is something that is difficult, as well as uncertain. This is because very specific micro-climatic conditions need to occur in the vineyard, which cause the grapes to become coated with a variety of mold known as botrytis cinerea. Borytris absorbs water from the grapes, which causes the concentration of sweetness to rise, and unique flavors and aromas to emerge. Sweet wine created in this manner at the Turnau Vineyard has been named “Noble Harvest”. In this wine one finds fragrances of meadow flowers, mingling with an orange fruitiness. The wine’s high level of sweetness is counterbalanced by succulent grapefruit accents. “Noble Harvest” wine was made from grapes of the Solaris variety, and was bottled in 0,375 liter decanters.
Polecamy do: variety meats, pâtés, blue cheeses, aged hard cheeses, desserts
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