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Icewine 2017
white, sweet
Ice Wine from the Turnau Vineyard came into being at a highly unusual time, as well as circumstances. To create this unique sweet beverage, it was necessary to wait – right up to the beginning of this year, when temperatures at the vineyard dropped to the required -7 degrees Celsius. On January 6th at 4 o’clock in the morning, 20 people spent over two hours harvesting 2300 kg. of frozen bunches of Johanniter grapes.
Meticulous squeezing made it possible to obtain a limited amount (only a little over 550 liters) of very sweet, essential juice, which was then subjected to the process of fermentation. The result of this complex process is a sweet wine with a wonderful, juicy tartness. The dominant aromas in it are that of freshly cut hay and honey. It’s lavish and savory in the lips, with copious accents of ripe apples. What’s interesting is that, despite the fact that the grapes were harvested this year, the vintage is regarded as 2016. Ice Wine was bottled in 0,375 liter decanters.
Polecamy do: goose and hare pâtés, duck with sweet apples, cheeses, desserts

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